RunOut is an old-fashionned arcade racing car game. You drive your Testarossa through a dense traffic in a unique goal : win the race.

This game was made for the Retro Remakes competition which occured in Summer 2003. It is a remake of SEGA's classic OutRun game.

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Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots of the game:  

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OpenGL version

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OpenGL version

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OpenGL version

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Software renderer version

Game features

Here are the main caracteristics of RunOut:

Revision history

28-08-2003 : v1.00
27-09-2003 : v1.10 includes Direct3D rendering option and some bug fixes (the obstacle cars no longer push you)


In order to play RunOut, you need the following configuration:

Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2K, XP
A 500 Mhz processor

16 Mb Hard Disk Space

Click here to download the RunOut 1.10 self-installing program (3.58 Mb)


Order the source code !!!!

You can now order the complete source code for RunOut. The souce code can be compiled under Delphi v4.0 or above. Once you buy this code, you can do whatever you want with it (including commercial products). Nevertheless, the Runout art (musics, tile sets, graphics) are still under the propery of the RunOut project.

The price is fixed to 15,00 Euros (~14,00 USD).
Click here to order the source code (using 128 bits SSL encryption).