Hi to everyone !

Many thanks for surfing on this site. We hope that you will enjoy all the games we make.

Momor Productions is a small independent software development team. We mainly focus on game conception and development, but we sometimes work on some authoring applications (always focused on multimedia production and management).

Our vision of the game industry : make some small, and fun games that can be played in a snap. Our games are made to be played on the widest range of PC : you don't need to buy the latest graphics card or add a bunch of RAM to play them. Even if we are making use of 3D.

Don't hesitate to contact us, either by email or via the forum. Any comments or suggestion are welcomed, we will reply to all the requests.

Best regards,

Emmanuel, Momor Prods CEO.
e-mail: eicart (@) momorprods (dot) com