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MOMOR Productions

The site of Emmanuel ICART, main programmer of FROOGZ
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A "old game" if you wanna see a voxel engine in action
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Liero Extreme

Simply ... everything about LIERO, the funniest (and smallest ) game available on the NET :)
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An other good page on LIERO and the home page of LM8, a great editor for LIERO ( palettes, weapons, sounds etc. )

( take a look at the links section too )

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Liero Clones

The ultimate list of LIERO-like games, sequels and clones ....
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The EarthWorm Project : one of the best clone of LIERO :
  • Free !
  • Windows application
  • Net support ( up to 8 players on LAN or TCP/IP )
  • Bots support ( with great AI )
  • Fully adjustable arenas
  • etc.

Read the Official Manuel Here 


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