Free games sites

GameHippo holds a lot of freeware games, it's really worth a visit. 
World of Free Games offers a lot of freeware games.
Retro Remakes is THE site about freeware remakes of old games. This site holds some gems, check it often !

Game programming links

Flipcode is one of the major games programming site. It offers daily news, code tutorials and lot more.
Turbo is particularly intended to Borland Delphi/C++ Builder game programmers. It also provides daily news, forums, and a very exhaustive links section for Delphi programmers.
Dark Skull Software is another site for Delphi Programmers. You'll find a lot of components and code examples. Beware, this site is completely in French language.
Delphi Gamer is another reference site for Delphi games Programmers. You'll find a lot of information, articles, tutorials and news !
OpenGL is a free 3D graphics API available for several platforms. It's ease of use and its portability makes of it a "must-see" for all 2D/3D programmer. This site provides the API, tons of tutorials, forums and daily news.
FMOD is an incredible sound library. It's free for free projects, and it's ease of use is really amazing, I was able to add 3D sounds to Volcano in less than 2 hours ! Moreover, the technical support is really good.
Clickteam is a french company created by the guys who made AMOS and STOS for the Amiga and the Atari. They are also the authors of Klick and Play, The Games Factory, and several others great multimedia auhtoring tools. They also offer some of their products, including the fantastic Install Maker.