Burgerland is a remake of the classic coin-op game BurgerTime. This new version supports OpenGL rendering and visual effects, and is a really good opportunity to discover again this great and fun game.

Type: Arcade/Platform
Size: 4.4 Mb

Mazemania is a puzzle game which is a real challenge for logic lovers. Its simple rules hide some of the most complex puzzles you'll ever see !! Suitable for the whole family.

Type: Puzzle/logic
Size: 2.2 Mb

Barbarian Returns is the second DGDev Team project in which I've been involved. A remake of a classic gore sword game, including network support. For Mature audience only !

Type: Gore Fighting game (Parental advisory)
Size: 4.3 Mb

Horrorween is a DGDev Team project in which I've been involved. This is a spooky top-view shooter which supports an online score system.

Type: Gore shooter (Parental advisory)
Size: 7.3 Mb

RunOut is an old-fashionned racing game, based on SEGA's OutRun classic.

Type: Racing for Win95, Win NT, Win2K, WinXP
Size: 3.4 Mb

FROOGZ is a cartoonish 3D shooter in a fully deformable/destructible environment. Fight in splitscreen mode with up to 4 of your friends !

Type: Shooter for Win95, Win NT, Win2K, WinXP
Size: 1.7 Mb

Ray Game Designer 2 is the sequel to RGD. Using this tool, you will be able to create your own games like Pumpy or TurboLode without programming. You will even be free to sell your games made with RGD2 !

Type: Authoring tool for Win95, Win NT, Win2K, WinXP
Size: 3 Mb

Pumpy is an Halloween-styled puzzle game. Its a 3D sokoban evolution, including Software, OpenGL & Direct3D modes, a level editor, 30 levels.

Type: Puzzle
Size: 4.2 Mb

Volcano is a game where you must save small villages from deadly lava flows.

Type: Puzzle/Strategy
Size: 1.3 Mb

Sentry is a remake of the original game "Sentinel" from FireBird.

Type: Action/Reflexion
Size: 1,2 Mb

Turbo Lode is a 3D evolution of "Lode Runner". It includes many bonuses, OpenGL & Software modes, Level Editor, and even a stereoscopic mode.

Type: Action
Size: 1,4 Mb

Ray Game Designer is a game authoring tool that was released in 1997 as a commercial tool. I've now turned it into a freeware system. Even if the rendering engine is a bit old, it will learn you all the steps needed to create your own game, without programming a single line of code.

Type: Authoring system for Win 3.xx, Win95 & Win98.
Size: 8,6 Mb

Minimum configuration
Win 95/98/2K/NT
486DX-66 processor or above
16 Mb RAM
Recommended configuration
Win 95/98/2K/NT/XP
Pentium II 350 processor or above
32 Mb RAM