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Sentry Mobile is a FREEWARE conversion of the action/strategy game Sentry for the Mobiles platform (J2ME). It is a realtime 3D action/strategy game featuring more than 4 billions of unique levels.

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Sentry is designed to run on the mobiles supporting the following configuration:

It has been successfuly tested on the following devices:

If your device support (or does not support) Sentry and is not listed in this list, please contact me so that I can update it !



18-07-2005 : v1.04 released. Fixes a bug when the Sentry was near the starting position (level 19 for example).
05-07-2005 : v1.03 released. Fixes a crash when trying to go to some levels (level 10 for example).
04-07-2005 : v1.02 released. Added the fullscreen game option (which fixes some problem with Nokia devices). BEWARE : updating to v1.02 will erase your saved positions !
27-06-2005 : v1.01 released. Fix some key input problems
26-06-2005 : V1.00


To dowload Sentry for mobiles, you have 2 options:

Contacting us

If you have any comments or suggestion, please don't hesitate and send your e-mails at:
eicart (@) momorprods (dot) com