Project history
Date Modification
1999-10-03 First alpha-version of the game. Implementation of ingots, ladders & doors. Rough player & sentries dynamics.
1999-10-10 95% of game functionnalities operational. Included bonuses such as Light ON/OFF, extra lives, time limit. Need to add suitable graphics for tiles and sentries, and spring cells.
1999-10-16 First alpha release of the game. The engine now includes springs, and force fields that you can enable/disable using levers. Added some textures too, and tunes from Mark.
1999-10-24 Beta version 1.0 launched. This version now supports blocs that you can push "à la Sokoban", plus some minor bug fixes. Mark will soon provide better textures, I'm now working on building some suitable levels. Call for level submissions.
1999-10-30 Beta version 2.0 launched. Included some new levels, modified some textures and musics. The Sentry speed has been increased to make the game more "Turbo". I still have to translate some voices.
1999-11-07 Beta version 3.0 launched. Modified the musics, the game now include several tunes from Unison, Mark Sheeky, Silvio Banzi, KeyG, Rez, Mark Knight, Mantronix+Tip.
Fixed some display bugs, changes into the voices (now all english !!!). Added the stereoscopic mode and steps objects.
1999-11-12 Beta version 4.0 launched. The editor now allows to position sentries. The game includes 11 levels.
1999-11-20 Beta version 5.0 launched. I spent a lot of time with Yann SAMAMA in order to debug the game. The game now includes levels from Patrick Richardson.
1999-12-05 Beta version 6.0 launched. I fixed the editor so that the display can be configured without the stretching effect. This allows "slow" video cards to keep a correct frame rate. I've just begun to work on the network version of the game.
This version includes 15 levels.
2000-01-10 Beta version 7.0 launched. It's a long time since the last update ! 
I've worked a lot both on the network versions and the OpenGL player. Now both of them are still in development, but you can try them if you want. To try the network option, just launch the game with the "/network" parameter.
I also decided to split the game archive into multiple EXE files, so that you can choose your 3D accelerated player option (Glide or OpenGL). This will save some space, so I'll be able to include more textures and objects in the main package.
Finally, I added some extra possibilities to the game engine: exclusive mode (which gives more CPU to the game), several new screen resolutions (including 512x384), plus some transparency features.
2000-01-14 New OpenGL version. This one fixes a major speed problem I had when displaying sprites. Many thanks to Stefan Eischet and Devon Strawn for their help.
I still need to improve this version with alpha blending support.
2000-05-01 What a long time since the last update !!! I had to work on other projects, so forgive me for the lack of news in the last 4 months.

The good news if the launch of the first official final version of the game. It includes the following features:

  • Support for the mouse as input device 
  • Alpha blending support 
  • Updated OpenGL version that will work on 3DFX hardware (no longer need for the Glide version). 
  • Better framerate 
  • Support for Heightfields in the level editor: you can now distort the cells of the map to add some relief to your levels. See the level editor for more information. 

I'm really looking forward to hear from you. Please send me your levels, and tell me if the game works on your OpenGL configuration.

2000-05-03 V 1.01 launched. Fixes some OpenGL crashes at startup (like "1 XXCX n'est pas une valeur entière").
2000-06-26 V 1.1 launched. It's a major update:
  • Enhanced OpenGL mode (now supports fullscreen mode) 
  • The game now includes 32 levels (thanks to Andreas & Marc Jourdanet) 
  • Better quality texture set 
  • New level editor tools: Creation of empty cubes, filled cubes, lines. Addition of an UNDO feature !!! (at least !) 
  • Multiplayer support 
2001-05-30 V 1.2 launched. Improvements:
  • OpenGL mode now supports the red/blue glasses anaglyph mode
  • Level editor now supplied both in its software and OpenGL versions
  • Slightly better viewing distance
  • Fixed some bugs about the FPS display and some texture bugs (software mode)