What is Turbo Lode ?

Turbo Lode is a freeware derivation of the old classic game Lode Runner from Broderbrund. It is a personnal project
I started on mid-September 1999, based on a previous version I had realized for the Amiga computer back in the 90's.

Game rules

This new version is an evolution of the classic version. It is 3D enhanced, so I had to modify the rules of the game to
keep it playable and fun.

The game is divided in several levels. In each level, you must pick-up several ingots in order to open the door and exit
to the next level.

Since objects can be hidden in closed areas, you can dig in order to reach these areas. Some walls and ground have the
ability to auto-repair, so you'll have to avoid being jamed.

Moreover, flying sentries are protecting the level. If a sentry sees you, it will try to catch you, so you'll have to find a secure
hiding place.

OpenGL version of the game

TurboLode includes an OpenGL version of the game dedicated to 3D accelerated hardware. This version should work on any kind of OpenGL enabled hardware,
even on 3DFX cards since the game uses texture sizes below 256 pixels.

Turbolode has been successfully tested on: Voodoo 3 or above, NVIDIA TNT1,TNT2,GeForce1, Geforce2, Geforce2MX
Many thanks to all the  readers and writers for their great support !

DirectX (D3D) version of the game

Turbolode does not include any DirectX version of the game. If you have a graphic card that can handle Direct3D acceleration but not OpenGL acceleration, you will find an OpenGL to DirectX wrapper in the download section that *should* allow you to run the game.

Multiplayer mode

The network mode uses DirectPlay , and for this reason supports the following network devices:

The TurboLode network mode is limited to 4 players per game. It basicaly plays all the levels of the game in a multiplayer manner.

It's up to you to decide if you want to play the levels in a cooperative manner (and to finish all the levels together), or if you want to play a "Kill-Them-All" game (by digging under your opponents for example).

To complete a level, all the ALIVE players must stand on the exit point of the level (marked by a yellow rotating EXIT symbol).

It is my first attempt at multiplayer game programming, so please be gentle with it. Please read well the README file before launching the multiplayer mode for the first time, it will give you all the tricks to really reduce the network lag (by modifying the game refresh interval).