Old stuff

Turbo Lode is a freeware project based on some games I made on the Amiga computer a few years ago. With the emergence of some pretty good emulators, you can now play these games on your PC. Here are the full version disk images for the previous versions of TurboLode.

Amiga emulators

WinUAE Homepage: http://www.codepoet.com/UAE/

Other Amiga emulation reference site: http://www.amigamos.com

To be able to run the emulator, you'll need to find the Kickstart roms. I can't put them here due to copyright reasons, but a quick search on the Internet could help you finding them.

Previous Turbolode versions

The Turbolode disk images are zipped, in the ADF format. 


Turbolode 1 (1 Disk, 475 Kb)

The first ever Turbolode version. Based on the original concept,
with the "Turbo" aspect and a level editor included.


Turbolode 2 (1 Disk, 585 Kb)

The sequel to Turbolode. Includes many bonuses, some new
abilities for the hero (jump, climb), advanced graphics and
a Level editor. 25 Levels. Really worth a try !