In Volcano, your goal consist in saving some small villages from deadly lava flows. You must dig or add some land hillocks in order to deviate the flowing process.

This game introduces the Liquidmorph technology, which allows realtime fluid flowing simulation over landscapes on standard PC.

Screen Shots

Here are some screen shots of the game:

Game features

Here are the main caracteristics of this game:


In order to play Volcano, you need the following configuration:

Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000 or NT
A 300 Mhz processor (433 Mhz or better recommended)
Direct X (any version)
Direct X Compatible Audio Card (3D-enhanced recommended)
8MB Hard Disk Space

WARNING: This game does not use any 3D acceleration that could provide your system. The reason is that the technology used can not (yet) be optimized using hardware triangle rasterizers. So please don't expect running the game at full framerate in 1024x768, you will probably have to decrease the rendering resolution (320 x 240 should work fine).

You have 2 options to download Volcano: a sef-installing EXE, or a Zip file.

Click here to download the Volcano 1.02 self-installing program (1.25 Mb)

Click here to download the Volcano 1.02 zip file (1.18 Mb)

Revision history

Date Version
03-09-2001 v 1.02
Some performance improvements, plus some sound bug fix
03-09-2001 v 1.01
Fixed the crash when modifying the camera lens parameter
03-05-2001 v 1.0



I'll provided a limited technical support for Volcano. Please read the README.TXT file before contacting me for technical problems, this file includes some troubleshooting information.

You can e-mail me at eicart (@)